Radio-album 5: Jiří Pavlica - Songs for Hradišťan

Time is a strange entity that constantly follows us everywhere, it surrounds us, limits us, it helps to fulfill our needs as well as it hinders our desires. Either way, music is an art that leans heavily on time and radio transmissions just the same. That might be the reason why all the songs of this Radio-Album relate to time in some way.

The first three songs are poems by Jan Skácel set to music. Each one of them reflects a different time, a different season - spring "Modlitba za vodu" (Prayer for Water), summer "Krátký popis léta" (A Short Summer Depiction), autumn "Sonet o lásce a modrém portugalu" (Sonnet of Love and Portugal Blue). The next two songs are inspired by folk poetry. They express the feeling of dawn in song "Vlaštovka lítá" (Swallow Soars) and the whole human life in song "Člověk a země" (Man and the Earth). An old Japanese text "Kéž by svět trval" (Let the World Last) pictures man's ancient desire to overcome the time limits set to him. The last four songs on lyrics by Jiří Brabec take us through human life from its very spring till its autumn, reminding us that everything "...meří nám čas a kreslí duhu letokruhů..." (...Measures Our Time and Draws the Bow of Tree-rings...).

In this volume - "Jiří Pavlica - Songs for Hradišťan" you may find not only transcriptions for voice and piano with voice variations of E flat, B flat and C pitch but also scores for solo piano.

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