Czech Radio is the biggest producer of audio recordings in the Czech Republic. It is possible to obtain the recordings that were originally created for broadcasting and use them for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, such as publishing CDs and DVDs, exhibitions, public performances or for samples in broadcasting and on websites.

The beginnings of the history of the sound archive of Czech Radio go back to 1928. The chronological span of the funds reaches beyond the institution itself in every respect, from its beginning until the present. Except for the oldest sound documents, Czech Radio mostly keeps thousands of unique sound recordings on analogue and digital media that capture virtuoso performances of actors, speeches of significant personalities of the public life, the atmosphere of historical events and outstanding recordings of music compositions of all genres. The collection of the sound recordings has grown constantly and it also includes the new production of all radio stations, nation-wide as well as regional. In present, there are 420.000 sound recordings kept in Czech Radio, i.e. 300.000 hours of sound altogether.

The database of the music recordings can be viewed here

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