Radio-album 6: Liberated Theatre in Melodies by Jaroslav Ježek

For the 100th anniversary of Jaroslav Ježek's birth (25th September 1906), Czech Radio publishing department has released ten songs: Civilizace (Civilization), David a Goliáš (David and Goliath), Když jsem kytici vázala (When Fixing Up a Bunch of Flowers), Nashledanou v lepších časech (See You in Better Times), Nebe na zemi (Heaven on Earth), Nikdy nic nikdo nemá (No-one Has Ever Anything), Pochod stoprocentních mužů (A March of Hundred Percent Men), Polka specielně aktuelní (Especially Actual Polka), Stonožka (Centipede), Tři strážníci (Three Constables) of the Liberated Theatre repertoire as a part of the Radio-Album series. A perfect integration of rich melodics and old-time dances characterizes all of them. Largely satirical lyrics were written by Voskovec and Werich in the atmosphere of interwar period but in many cases they are still up-to-date today.