Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano - Hanuš Bartoň

"I composed the Trio for clarinet, viola and piano at the beginning of the year 2001 and the piece was first performed in March at the festival "The Baroque and the Avant-garde" in Záporoží in the Ukraine. The most significant principle of the work is the conflict of two differing relations between the instruments: the measure and tempo is either the same for all three instruments or the individual parts are, in this respect, autonomous. At the start, the clarinet is independent on the piano and the viola, whereas the latter two correspond with each other. The middle part of the composition is marked by the mutual coordination of all the three instruments; and towards the end, the piano part becomes entirely autonomous, while a firm relation is formed between the clarinet and the viola.

The purpose of this progression is to evoke arbitrary "pseudoprogram" associations. The composition follows a strict harmonic plan that should ensure a certain unity in the musical language of the work in spite of its loose rhythmical structure. This order is deliberately breached at the very end of the work where the piano part is completely separated from the others - even in terms of harmony. Here, the only remaining link can be found in the imitations in the viola of fragments of the piano part - a reminder of the initial concordance between these two instruments."

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