Imagine That - Zbyněk Matějů

13. listopad 2013

"I am very fond of dance theatre so I usually do not turn down commissions for ballet music. After stage premieres, I am regularly asked by conductors and orchestras to create a suite from the work.

So far, I have always given preference to starting a brand new work - although in the case of the ballets IBBUR and The Garden I had made a resolution to create a suite one day. This "one day" came when such a commission came from the Austrian Schloss Kirchestetten festival, which inspired me finally to prepare a suite from my ballet music. I chose a recently premiered (28th Feb 2013) ballet score for The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Krabat). In the original version for the ballet performance at the National Theatre the setting includes a piano part and girls' vocals. Since the Austrian commission did not allow this, the suite is instrumented for a classical symphonic orchestra." Z. Matějů

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