String Quartet No. 6 "The Struggle with the Mist" - Jiří Teml

“My friendship with the musicologist and journalist Jiří Pilka lasted for many years. We met many times in our music lives and I am grateful to him for many nice moments of discussions that we had and the music experiences.

When composing the String Quartet No 6, I was inspired by his essay The Struggle with the Mist, published in 2000 in Lyra Pragensis edition. The deep thoughts about living through difficult moments, full of pain, incomprehension and disappointment are not very optimistic material for a composition, however, they are unavoidable part of our lives and they must be taken into account.

However, a permanent effort of searching for better days and moments flashes through the essay. These moments give us a boost in the struggle with the mist. Similarly, I try to reach an amicable ending in the musical form of this struggle.

I entrusted the composition to the young and successful Sedláček quartet that for me is an ideal interpreter of the music that I compose.”

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