Louise's polka, From student's life, Jiřinková polka - Bedřich Smetana/instr. Iša Krejčí

Louisina polka (Louise's polka), Ze studentského života (From student's life), and Jiřinková polka. These early piano pieces by Bedřich Smetana were adapted for orchestra in 1943 by composer Iša Krejčí who worked in Czechoslovak Radio as musical director and conductor between 1934 and 1945. The collection of three Smetana's pieces in orchestral form is being published by Český rozhlas musical publishing.

Other compositions by Bedřich Smetana published in Czech Radio:
Prague Carnival
Scenes from Macbeth - Bedřich Smetana / instr. Otakar Jeremiáš

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