The Sun Darkened For Me - Jiří Pazour

Zatmělo se mně slunečko - Jiří Pazour

Jiří Pazour (born 1971), a music composer, pianist and teacher, graduated from Prague Conservatory in 1991, majoring in composition and piano.

He continued studying composition at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. His activities can be summed up into three categories: composing, performing and teaching.

As the composer, Jiří Pazour devotes himself to orchestral, chamber and solo compositions. His work in classical music is mainly represented by programme compositions that usually do not have a concrete non-musical story. They are often based on Pazour’s personal experience and point of view. They are mostly lyrical images – poems that often have a plot hidden from their audience.
Besides that, he has created a series of less demanding compositions that are supposed to bring joy from spontaneous performing to both the audience and interpreters. He also devotes himself to music for children. He has composed many songs for children on lyrics of contemporary Czech poets and lyrics writers. Jiří Pazour also composes scenic and utility music. In his music, various genres overlap. He cooperates with significant theatre and radio directors.

His solo concerts focus mostly on piano improvisation. He is an active member of the International Company for improvised music (ISIM) in the United States. Besides the Czech Republic, he has given concerts also in Germany, Poland, Slovakia, France, England, the Netherlands, Malta, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Japan and Western Australia. His concert projects are popular both in the Czech Republic and abroad thanks to their dynamics, spontaneity and diversity. He often uses his improvisation skills for music therapy as well. Since 1995, he has taught at Prague Conservatory. He teaches Sight-reading and Piano improvisation courses at the piano department of Prague conservatory.

He composed the cycle of four songs for Soprano and Piano called The Sun Darkened For Me in 2010, inspired by the beauty of Czech and Moravian folk poetry. This inspiration left its trace in his way of composing – the melodics of folk songs is used in an uncomplicated piano stylization/ arrangement. The composition was awarded the first prize in the composition contest The Tribune of chamber songs in Pilsen in 2011.