Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra / piano score - Jiří Gemrot

Koncert pro hoboj a orchestr / klavírní výtah - Jiří Gemrot

Having composed Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra in 2016, I have fulfilled my long-standing promise to Vilém Veverka.

Building upon an original grasp of musical tradition has been a life-long inspiration for me, therefore the classical four-movement scheme is the formal foundation for this composition. However, here it has been recast into an uninterrupted composition.

The lyrical introduction pervades the whole Concerto, it bridges all the movements and it closes the composition as well. After the third part which is a kind of a scherzo, a slow second part returns and the finale corresponding with the first part completes my intention to create a mirror form with the central scherzo that leads to a solo cadenza.

Tomáš Netopil chose the Concerto for his performance with the Prague Symphony Orchestra and he premiered it with Vilém Veverka in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House on January 31, 2017. The composition has received favourable reviews both from the audience and critics: "[...] It reminded me of similarly melodically urgent compositions by Bohuslav Martinů. Mr Gemrot's composition is equal to them [...] The Concerto by Jiří Gemrot was an unexpected highlight of the night."

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