Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - Jiří Gemrot

JIří Gemrot - Koncert pro klavír a orchestr

Jiří Gemrot (born in 1957 in Prague) is an author of tens of chamber, orchestral, concert, vocal as well as film music pieces. His music language arises from the continual tradition of European music and he tries to find a modern and extraordinary expression which would include straight communicativeness and a strong emotional contact with the listeners. He builds on a clear melody, harmony and form.

A very important feature of Gemrot´s work is a sonata principle which he perceives as the most perfect depiction of contrast. At present, he passes on his composing experience at a conservatory in Prague.

The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra is not the first piece with this name on the list of Gemrot´s music. However, two of them are juvenilia: Gemrot composed the second one as his graduation piece at the Music Academy in 1981. Gemrot´s concert work forms quite a large volume (violoncello, violin, flute concerts, Concerto for Trumpet and Brass Band, Double Concerto for Violoncello, Piano and Orchestra, Concertino for Violoncello, Piano and Orchestra, Concertino for Flute, Kettledrums, Bagpipes and Orchestra and many more). The Concerto for Piano and Orchestra is the only one which is composed as a one-movement concert and it uses the cadence of a solo instrument more often. It is also a kind of a counterpart of Gemrot´s work for solo piano.

instrumentationpno solo, 2fl - II muta fl picc, 2ob, 2cl, 2fg, 4cor, 2trb, 2tbn, tbn b, arp, perc, archidescriptionscorepubl.NoR 118price330,- CZK

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