Elegantiae tripudiorum for Piano - Jan Novák

Elegantiae tripudiorum - Jan Novák

“Elegantiae Tripudiorum – the elegance of the dance, the elegance of the waltz: ten individual, characteristic compositions which together form one grand work of art.

It is the Waltz itself that, gracefully dancing, enters the scene to guide both the listener and the performing artist through it ́s entire history.

A fanciful firework display of the waltz form, Elegantiae Tripudiorum portrays each individual waltz both with pantomimic freshness and human depth. Judging by the Latin title of the composition, a generous measure of humour and refinement on the part of the composer is to be expected. Yet again, the author´d humanistic worldview is palpable here: the waltz enters the mundane history and then leaves it again, doing so with characteristic subtlety and elegance.” Dora Novak-Wilmington

The score of the orchestral version with the subtitle "symphoniā minore" was published in Czech Radio Music Publishing Department in 2009.

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