Panisci fistula for Three Flutes - Jan Novák

Panisci fistula - Jan Novák

„The name Panisci fistula could be translated as Little Pan's Whistle. "Paniscus" is the diminutive form of Pan, the ancient greek wine-god, who liked to play the flute, beside chasing after pretty nymphs.

My father wrote these pieces in 1972. At that time we lived on the Garda Lake in Italy, and I just started to play the flute. They are three quite spectacular little compositions, not intended for absolute beginners, even if the three parts do not present a real difficulty. Through very simple compositional processes the maximum sound result is achieved - in the first movement using echo effects, or employing polyrhythm with restricted tone material in the third movement.

Panisci Fistula also serves as a great training for chamber playing where flutists learn to listen while playing.“ Clara Novakova

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