Toccata chromatica - Jan Novák

Jan Novák - Toccata chromatica

Ever since the Renaissance period, the form of the toccata has been known as a virtuoso instrumental piece par excellence. This composition by Jan Novák belongs – alongside Chatschaturjan’s, Prokofiev’s or Bohuslav Martinu’s toccatas – among significant piano works of the 20th century.

Toccata Chromatica is an early work that the author composed in 1959 and dedicated to his wife, the pianist Eliška Nováková. In spite of this, however, it begins with a dedication of a different kind: the first notes are B-A-C-H (B-flat A C B). Apart from 12-tone-system based flamboyant passages of masterful playfulness, there are also lyrical contrasts to be found in the score that allude to the dedicatee...

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