Aeolia for Two Flutes and Piano - Jan Novák

Jan Novák - Aeolia

Aeolia was written in 1983, a year before the composer's death, for his daughter and her fellow-students at the Stuttgart Academy (Musikhochschule). In this brilliant and highly original composition the two flutes that constantly imitate one another are presented as a flexible, mobile and yet integral unit, while the piano and its almost orchestra-like radiance constitutes a contrastive element.

...Aeolus was the god of Wind in Greek mythology. Aeolia could be translated as "pertaining to Aeolus", which is not surprising here, since the three terms flute - breath - wind have been interrelated since primeval ages. The interplay between the two flutes, especially towards the beginning, can well be perceived as the slow rise of wind.

Aeolia was recorded on CD by Premiers Horizons Disques. The recording was produced by Association Jean-Pierre Rampal with the following performing artists: Clara Novakova and Zorica Milenkovic - flute, Jean-Bernard Marie - piano.

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