Commercial Activities

Czech Radio is permitted by law to engage in certain commercial activities, which serve to supplement the organisation's finances to the extent of 10 - 18% of the total budget. Following an amendment to the laws of the Czech Republic, the importance of commercial activities is decreasing, particularly in the area of radio advertising.

Advertising and Sponsorship
The sale of radio advertisements and sponsorship are two main sources of commercial income. The amount of advertising is restricted by the length of advertising time allowed in a day´s broadcasting (a maximum of three minutes daily on nationwide stations and a maximum of five minutes a day on regional stations). With the exception of news and current affairs programmes, all Czech Radio programmes and events can be sponsored.

Sale of Licenses
For those who are interested, it is possible to obtain mechanical rights to certain titles from Czech Radio´s rich archive, which contains also some of the unique and most significant recordings from the whole history of the Czech Republic. These rights allow them, while strictly observing the further conditions under the copyright law, to release these recordings on commercial formats (CD, DVD, video, film etc.).

More information

Contact: Czech Radio, Vinohradská 12, 120 99 Prague 2, Czech Republic; tel.: +420 221 553 314, e-mail:

Publishing, CD Sales
Radioservis, a. s. is the Czech Radio publishing house. It publishes the Týdeník Rozhlas cultural magazine, which is full of interesting reading and competitions. It is the only magazine with the complete programme guide of all Czech Radio stations plus a television supplement.

Radioservis, a. s. is a music publisher that brings out CDs with spoken word and music content of all genres. The book publishing division primarily brings out publications with radio subjects or radio authors.

Music Publishing
The Czech Radio Music Publishing House was established in 2001 for the purpose of copyright protection of compositions that Czech Radio had produced in the past and used for its own recordings and for the purpose of making these works available for public as notations and orchestral materials.

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Online Shop Radioteka
Czech Radio´s online shop Radioteka has been launched on 15 May 2014 and its online products include audio books, radio plays, detective stories, documentaries, fairy tales and music. offers not only popular and tested radio programmes, but also not yet published re-mastered recordings, alternative radio versions of single titles recorded over the years by various creative groups, and titles released for the first time in their unabridged form. The music titles on offer draw especially from the productions of Czech Radio’s ensembles – the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra, the Czech Radio Big Band, but also from the Czech Radio Choir and the Brno Radio Orchestra of Folk Instruments.

Studio Rental

Czech Radio offers the rentals of recording studios, sound and broadcast transmission equipments. Prices are according to a set price-list. More information here.