This Year’s World Radio Day Celebrated on 13 February Highlights Radio's Contribution to Peacebuilding

22. únor 2023

Co-organized by UNESCO, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation, the theme of the twelfth edition of the World Radio Day is Radio and Peace. It sees independent radio as a pillar for conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

The effort to bring about reconciliation and mutual understanding is not contradictory to independent and impartial radio news service, which, in all circumstances including war, must inform based on facts. It collects evidence about events, explains what is at stake and facilitates dialogue between various groups of the society.

Czech Radio has joined the World Radio Day since 2011 when it was proclaimed by the UN and UNESCO. The idea was conceived by the Spanish Radio Academy. UNESCO chose the date of 13 February because on that day, back in 1946, the United Nations Radio was established.

In its broadcasting, Czech Radio marked the World Radio Day too by contributing several programmes to the network of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), e.g. the English version of “Epitaf” (Epitaph), a story by Kateřina Tučková from cycle “Střepy” (Splinters) or by live broadcasting of the Concert for the End of the War in Ukraine.

Čtěte také

In its morning programme, the Vltava station offered a special show with Adam Plachetka, the star bass-baritone from the Vienna State Opera and the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Radio Wave prepared a montage on musicians for whose life and work radio is crucial in contrast to those for whom this type of media is irrelevant.

Czech Radio D-dur broadcasted War Requiem by Benjamin Britten, the most pacifist work of the 20th century. This monumental cathartic fresco should rather be named “Anti-War Requiem”. It is not only a remembrance of the victims of war, but also a clear protest against warfare in general.

Čtěte také

Part of Czech Radio is the international service offered by Radio Prague International, which prepared a joint broadcast with its Polish, Romanian, Swiss and Canadian colleagues in a half-an-hour discussion about how these media report on the war in Ukraine, what new challenges they face and how they counter fake-news.

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