René Zavoral re-elected Director General of Czech Radio

25. srpen 2021

At its public meeting today, Czech Radio Council confirmed René Zavoral as Director General of Czech Radio for a second term which will start on 21st January 2022. In a secret ballot, the current Director General received 7 votes out of 9 (member of Czech Radio Council Mr Josef Nerušil did not take part in the election). To be re-elected, René Zavoral needed two-thirds of the votes. 

The main priorities of the re-elected Director General will continue to be strengthening Czech Radio as an independent, free and modern public service media and developing its services for listeners. "During my current mandate, Czech Radio has managed to secure economic stability and a record position in the media market. We have set up new stations and offered a range of new services for our listeners, including those in the online environment. In the upcoming six years, I want to further strengthen Czech Radio's position as a key national cultural institution, and to continue developing its programme offer and all platforms on which it offers its services to the public. I will continue to emphasize the role of Czech Radio as a public service media that is a daily guide for its listeners, offering them diversity, an independent perspective and supporting them in forming their own opinions," said René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

René Zavoral has been the Director General of Czech Radio since 21st January 2016. In his first six-year term, he promoted transparency of Czech Radio and communication with the public, for example by introducing the so-called click-through budget or establishing position of Czech Radio Ombudsman. He strengthened Czech Radio´s broadcasting by adding more regional stations in Liberec, Karlovy Vary and Zlín. A special digital radio station Radiožurnál Sport, the news web iROZHLAS and the largest audio portal in the country called mujRozhlas were also launched. In 2021, after fifteen years, Radiožurnál became the most listened to radio station again, and Czech Radio gained a record market share of 27.4 percent. The digitalisation process has also been completed, and as the natural leader in digital radio broadcasting, Czech Radio now covers around 95 per cent of the Czech population with its digital signal.

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