Radiodays Europe 2023 is in Prague and Czech Radio is the main host partner

26. březen 2023

The prestigious, powerhouse conference Radiodays Europe is in Prague! And the main co-organizer? Czech Radio, of course.

As of today, Prague is hosting the largest pan-European conference about all things radio, podcasting and audio. From 26-28 March 2023, Radiodays Europe 2023 will be in full swing at the Prague Congress Centre. Czech Radio is the main co-organizer of this prestigious event, which brings together professionals from public and commercial radios and independent audio content creators from across Europe and beyond. The conference will also be the setting of the significant signing of a cooperation agreement between Czech Radio and the Ukrainian public broadcaster UA:PBC.

"We are honored that Czech Radio has the opportunity to be the main co-organizer of the prestigious Radiodays Europe 2023 conference. We have a unique opportunity to show the world that we are a strong and interesting player on the radio and audio scene, not only because of our unique position on the Czech media market, but above all because of our exceptional century of experience, filled with inspiring stories of technology, innovation and personalities that have taken place during this period. In 2023, Czech Radio is celebrating 100 years since it began broadcasting, and we will continue to be a public service media that creates trends, not just follows them," said René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

“We are thrilled to bring the Radiodays Europe brand and its expert international content to Prague for the 100 year anniversary of Czech Radio” says Peter Niegel, General Manager of Radiodays Europe. Prague is the ideal location to bring everyone together to ensure that we as an industry move forward with strategies for the future. This is the first time RDE and its 1300 visitors from the world of radio, audio and podcasting have visited Prague at the invitation of our wonderful hosting partner Czech Radio. I just know that this conference will be the catalyst for many discussions on “New audiences - new opportunities”, which is the theme of this year’s conference.”

Prague will be the thirteenth location of Radiodays Europe, which has been organizing this one-of-a-kind event for over a decade. After the likes of Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Malmö, the organizers have decided to broaden their horizons and venture into Central and Eastern Europe for the first time.

Traditional participants of this international conference include representatives of public service media, commercial radio and independent audio content creators from all over the world. The event at the Prague Congress Centre will be attended by 1,300 professionals from more than 50 countries educated in the fields of journalism, media, marketing, management, telecommunications, IT, finance and various creative industries.

Veronika Ruppert from Czech Radio’s own Radio Wave will be the moderator together with British radio expert Paul Robinson, who has worked at the BBC for many years. Throughout the conference, several people from Czech Radio will be participating in an array of ways and attending. At the opening ceremony, Czech Radio General Director René Zavoral will have a formal address. Speaking on behalf of Czech Radio at various expert sessions, panel discussions and summits will be: Director of Technology and Administration Karel Zýka, Editor-in-Chief of Radio Wave Barbora Šichanová, Head of Foreign News Desk Filip Nerad, Marketing Manager and Podcast Creator Ivana Veselková, Chief Producer of the mujRozhlas audio portal Anna Vošalíková, Creative Producer and Programmer Veronika Ruppert, Data Journalist Jan Cibulka and Web Analyst Adam Javůrek. Czech Radio speakers will focus on the position of public service media generally in the international context and Czech Radio specifically as a source of quality and credible news and the leader of podcasting in the Czech Republic. They will speak on Czech Radio’s digital broadcasting DAB+, support for new audio formats for young people and innovations in the online space or cybersecurity of media houses. The conference will also feature speakers from the European Broadcasting Union, the UK's public broadcaster BBC, Germany's ARD, Ukraine's public broadcaster UA:PBC and France's public broadcaster Radio France. As if that weren’t enough, there will also be speakers from the USA and Australia, giving the conference a truly global dimension.

The Radiodays Europe (RDE) conference was born in 2010 in response to the needs of the European public and private radio industry to meet and discuss new media challenges. The first Radiodays Europe conference took place in Copenhagen and over the years the event has been hosted by a number of major European cities such as Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna and Lisbon. The main organiser is a non-profit organisation called the Radiodays Europe Association, which was founded by the Scandinavian public broadcasters Sveriges Radio, the Danish broadcaster DR, Norway’s NRK Radio and Finland's YLE.

The full programme of the international Radiodays Europe 2023 conference can be found here.

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