Radio Junior to Join the International #SayHi Campaign

20. říjen 2021

The Czech Radio station for children - Radio Junior, will join the second edition of the international project #SayHi, an initiative of the European Broadcasting Union.

Together with other public service broadcasters, it will connect children from various countries in a joint dance to say yes to friendship and no to bullying.

Following the success of the last year’s first edition, Radio Junior is going to rejoin the #SayHi initiative to promote togetherness among children across Europe. To do that, the campaign draws on common elements – a song translated into respective national languages, a simple choreography and the motto #SayHi. The Czech version of the originally Norwegian song titled “Buď sám sebou” (Be Yourself) has been written and sang by young singing duo Ben & Mateo. Both performers feature also in the related music video together with the members of the Disman Radio Children's Ensemble. Same as last year, it was directed by Tereza Hirsch, who has been working, for instance, with Lucie Vondráčková, Milan Peroutka or David Deyl. The music video as well as the instruction video to learn the choreography is already available on the website of Radio Junior.

I am very glad Radio Junior is a part of such a far-reaching project. The song is catchy and I believe the dance is easy to learn for everybody. It is important – not only for children – to be yourself and have a bunch of friends on which you can always count,” says Adam Kebrt, Editor-in-Chief of Radio Junior

The main event of the #SayHi campaign will be held on 19 November 2021, when a common dance will be danced to the common song in all participating countries. Song Be Yourself will also be broadcast by Radio Junior for children and adults alike to dance together. There will also be a special programme with Ben & Mateo. To see the participants dancing in the Czech Republic and abroad, use hashtags #tancujsnami and #SayHi. 

“We are both so pleased we can be a part of a campaign promoting such idea. We hope the song will reach its audience and maybe even help someone who’s feeling lonely, that would be the greatest reward for us,” say singers Ben & Mateo

For more information on the initiative and on how to participate, go to the Radio Junior website. 

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