Radio Junior to Join the International #SayHi Campaign

7. říjen 2020

The Czech Radio station for children, Radio Junior, will join the international project #SayHi, an initiative of the European Broadcasting Union. Together with other European and world public-service broadcasters, it will connect children from various countries and cultures through music, dance and modern technologies.

The campaign, which promotes friendship and togetherness, uses elements that will be the same for all countries involved: a song translated into the national language, a simple choreography and the motto #SayHi. The Czech version of the original song has been written and sang by singer Vojta D. The song is called Zatancuj (Dance) and there is a music video, too, featuring the singer together with the members of the Disman Radio Children’s Choir. It was directed by Tereza Hirsch, a young director who has already received a couple of awards and who mostly works abroad. The choreography of the campaign was created by Quick Style, a Norwegian dance group, and everybody can learn it using the instruction video published on the Radio Junior website.

“It is a unique initiative especially by being so interactive, which is a must nowadays. The coordinated campaign and the final broadcasting in all of the involved countries allows us to connect children from various cultures and let them have fun and share the same goal, while staying, for instance, in the comfort of their homes,” says Tomáš Vacek, Chief Editor of Radio Junior.

The main event of the #SayHi project, the broadcasting of the common song by all participating radios, will be held on 12 November 2020 at 12:00 CET, allowing children and adults alike to dance together. In many countries, the dance will be broadcast live and, using the hashtag #SayHi and #radiojunior, it will be possible to look at how people danced elsewhere in the world.

“I am very happy I can be a part of such a beautiful project. I hope everyone likes the song and I am looking forward to the moment when everyone will sing it and dance to it,” says singer Vojta D.

For more information on the project and on how to participate, go to the Radio Junior website.

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