Radio Junior and the #SAYHI campaign

7. listopad 2022

For the 3rd consecutive year, the Eurovision Kids Friendship campaign, #SayHi, will bring children together to celebrate inclusion and friendship on Friday, 11 November 2022. Children from all over Europe will take part in a dance symbolizing inclusion and friendship, facilitated by their respective public broadcasters. For the third year running, Czech Radio Junior, will participate in this project, which connects children through music, dance and modern technology.

The #SayHi campaign promotes togetherness and fights bullying using elements that are common to all the participating countries and builds on the successful experiences of EBU Members NRK and VRT who have been promoting positive messages for children with local campaigns around friendship and inclusion for years. The goal of the campaign is to create positive camaraderie that includes and involves everyone and reduces children’s feeling of loneliness and isolation while appreciating diversity.

The official song is translated into the national language of each participating broadcaster accompanied by a simple choreography and the motto #SayHi. The Czech version of the original song was written by lyricist Milan Hosnedl for singer and influencer Adela Zouharová. A music video was also created for the song called Cesta za štěstím_VšeM! in which members of Disman's Radio Children's Ensemble perform together with the singer. It was directed by Tereza Hirsch, an award-winning young director. The choreography for the project was created by Norwegian professional choreographer and dancer Henni Olsen.

EBU put in a lot of effort to make this experience happen on an international level and as a result ten different EBU Members will take part in this year’s campaign with the following songs:

Czech Radio (Czech Republic) "Cesta za štěstím"

France Télévisions (France)

KiKa/ZDF (Germany) "I bi da für di"

LRT (Lithuania) "Vienintelis toks"

NRK (Norway) "Den ene"

RTE (Ireland) "The One"

RTP (Portugal) "Um Mundo Melhor"

RTVE (Spain) "Junto a ti"

RTVSLO (Slovenia) "Skupaj"

SRF (Switzerland) "I bi da für di"

You can watch the International Version of the song here.

The #SayHi project will culminate on 11 November 2022 with the airing of a common song on the airwaves of all participating radios, allowing children and adults to dance together. The dance will be broadcast live in many countries and thanks to the hashtags #SayHi, #radiojunior and #tancujsnami it will be possible to watch the dance being performed anywhere in the world.

"I'm so happy to be part of a project supporting a good cause and highlighting the issues and feelings that many of us experience. I believe that everyone will like the song and I can't wait for everyone to dance and sing along to it," added singer Adéla Zouharová.

author: Magda Holubová
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