Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra Celebrates Its 95th Anniversary.

15. říjen 2021

On Sunday, 10 October 2021, a symbolic relay race was held to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Both the orchestra players and their family members took part. The goal was to run or walk at least 95 km together, i.e. the number of kilometres corresponding to the anniversary of the orchestra. Due to the beautiful sunny day on Sunday, 63 players participated in the sports morning and together they ran an incredible 240km breaking the previous record from 2016, when the musicians ran 206km.

20211010_0634_@Vojtěch Brtnický.JPG

The musicians also invited two special guests from Czech Radio Dvojka station Dalibor Gondik and Regina Květoňová, who enthusiastically helped orchestra to reach the required number of kilometres.

The beautiful weather attracted the whole families of the orchestra members and therefore even the smallest competitors were not missing on the track. They enthusiastically helped their parents and often motivated them to achieve higher performances.

The idea of organizing the relay came from cellist Vilém Bernáček, music director Igor Tausinger and two violinists Vlastimil Kobrle and Jarmila Hadrabová who all helped with the organization.

The players of the orchestra are capable of impressive performances not only on the musical field. They are upholding the motto "in a healthy body a healthy spirit", which was proved by the triangle placed at the finish line, which tinkled 240 times during the morning, which is a beautiful result.

20211010_0133_@Vojtěch Brtnický.JPG
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