František Gregor Emmert

composer (1940–2015)

František Gregor Emmert studied piano at Prague Conservatory with Lev Esch and composition privately with Jan Bartoš. Later, he continued his composition studies at Janáček Academy of Music and performing arts in Brno with Jan Kapr.

Emmert’s advisor in postgradual studies was Miloslav Ištvan, leading personality of one generation of Brno composers. In 1970, he started teaching composition at Janáček Academy as an assistant Proffesor, in 1991 he was habilitated to associate Professor and in 2006 designated to Professor of composition. During his studies with Jan Kapr, he came through development from a neo-romantic composer to an expert in the language of so-called New Music.

Through 1970’s and 80’s Emmert went out of his generation‘s direction and created his unique music language. This fact also illustrates his unwillingness to participate in the Brno composition groups and superiority of his own art path to any ideological direction of the time. The authors‘s varied composition work touches many genres.

Extensive vocal-instrumental compositions prevails, numerous are also chambre pieces and symphonies. Spiritual themes have also become an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Emmert, which is reflected in most of his works.

Titles for sale:
Melody song (3rd Sonata for Cello and Piano)