Radek Rejšek

composer (born 1959)

Radek Rejšek studied composition at the Prague Conservatory with professors Jindrich Feld and Oldrich Semerak,and the trumpet with professors Vaclav Junek and Josef Svejkovsky.

He continued studies of composition at the Academy of Arts in Prague with professor Jiri Dvoracek and at the Janacek Academy of Arts in Brno with professor Zdenek Zouhar. He graduated from the Janacek Academy of Arts in 1990.

His main hobby is the history of organs and organ building as well as campanology. He has made his hobby a profession at Czech Radio where he has been working since 1988 as a director of music programmes and since 1992 also as a music editor of Czech Radio channel 3 - Vltava.

He is in charge of the projects “Historic Organs” and “Bells” as well as contemporary and electroacoustic music programmes. Since 1995, he has been teaching music theory at the Prague conservatory. In 1997, he became the deputy chairman of the Society for Electroacoustic.

Titles for sale:
Tempus Quadragesimae