Hanuš Bartoň

composer (born 1960)

He graduated from the Prague Conservatoire of Music, where he studied composition under Professor Ilja Hurnik and piano under Professor Emil Leichner, then followed his line of studies at the Academy of Music (Professor Jiri Pauer - composition, Professor Jan Panenka - piano). He completed his specialisation as an assistant-student at the Academy of Music under the tuition of Professor Svatopluk Havelka.

At present he works as the senior lecturer at the department of composition at the AMU (Academy of Music). He also extended his learning in several courses and stays abroad (e.g. composition with Professor Franco Donatoni in Sienna, Italy).

As a composer he devotes himself mainly to instrumental music. He has composed a number of chamber and orchestral works performed on national stages and abroad. From his latest works "Music for a Large Orchestra", "Double Concerto for Violin, Viola and Strings", "Computer´s Serenade" for six instruments or "Quintet Concerto" for clarinet and strings are the examples. Of vocal - instrumental works music for "Golem" should be mentioned, the performance staged at the Prague Palace of Culture and shown on the national television. He is also the author of music for different theatre pieces.

Titles for hire - see Complete catalogue

Titles for sale:
Double Concerto for Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Orchestra
Passing of Time
Scattering (Reintegration for Chamber Orchestra)
Six Old-fashioned Miniatures
Trio for Clarinet, Viola and Piano

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