Czech Radio Launches Dedicated Website for Czech EU Presidency

15. leden 2019

Czech Radio launched a new website today, which is dedicated to the Czech Republic's presidency of the Council of the European Union. It will deliver up-to-date coverage of the events taking place in the European Union, including relevant audio content from all of Czech Radio's stations.

The website features profiles of each of the 27 EU member states; basic information about the Union; agreements; documents; and detailed information concerning European institutions. One section of the website is devoted to the economy, reporting news while providing the history of the single market and the Euro zone. These pages also offer information regarding financial issues, financial perspectives and the EU budget.

The site is home to all available documents pertaining to the Czech presidency. Hana Hikelova, the Editor-in-Chief of Radio Cesko, comments: "Users can find broadcasting schedules of all Czech Radio stations on the website. They are producing dozens of reports and features about all things EU that will be posted in audio at"

In addition to its regular broadcasting schedule, Czech Radio will deliver on-line news coverage from all major EU-related events taking place in the Czech Republic during the country's EU presidency.

Mgr. Rene Zavoral
Marketing and PR Director
Czech Radio
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