History of Czech Radio

29. březen 2012

May 18 Prague - beginning of regular broadcasts from a tent in Kbely (the Czech Republic becomes the second country after Britain to broadcast regularly in Europe)

Aug 1 First sports broadcast (boxing from Prague's Letná)

Jan 28 First transmitting station at Prague's Staré Strašnice put into operation
Feb 12 First opera broadcast (" The Two Widows" from the National Theatre)

Agricultural Radio begins regular broadcast - the first specialist radio broadcasts in Europe
Oct 1 Czech (Czechoslovak) Radio Symphony Orchestra established

April 1 Introduction of time signal
Oct 23 Bratislava regional studion goes on air

First international opera transmission (from the Comic Opera in Paris - "The Bartered Bride")

Moravská Ostrava regional studio goes on air

First transatlantic transmission - from New York

October First broadcast from a wax record

Ceremonial opening of new Czechoslovak Radio building at 12 Fochová (now Vinohradská) street in Prague's Vinohrady, which remains the corporation's headquarters to these days

Czech Radio Disman Children's Ensemble established

Sept 23 Radio Praha begins broadcasting abroad

Czechoslovak Radio divides into Czech and Slovak Radio

Czech Radio becomes part of Rundfung Böhmen und Mähren

May 5 Czech Radio's appeal for help begins Prague Uprising
May Second network of Czechoslovak Radio - Praha II goes on air. Later renamed Československo, Hvězda (after 1968), Československo (after 1989), and finally ČRo 1 - Radiožurnál (1993)
Plzeň and České Budějovice regional studios go on air
end of year Hradec Králové and Ústí nad Labem regional studios go on air

Beginning of television broadcasts (TV remanis a part of Czech Radio until 1957)

Radio transmissions first broadcast by wire

end of year First VHF transmitter begins broadcasting from Prague's Petřín Hill

First stereophonic transmission (Praha station and TV together)

Prague and Central Bohemia regional studio goes on air (renamed Regina Praha in 1991, renamed Regina in 2000)
Dec Československo II - renamed Vltava after 1968 - begins broadcasting on VHF

Concertino Praga International Competition for young musicians established

Czechoslovak Radio becomes actively involved in the changes sweeping through the country, broadcasting live public gathering, discussion programs, etc.
Aug Fifteen people die in battle for control of Czech Radio headquarters

Prix Bohemia Radio Festival of original radio work established, which continues to these days

Czech Parliamentary Assembly passes laws allowing private radio and television stations
The Board of Czech Radio is established as Czech Radio becomes an independent corporation
Concerto Bohemia Radio Competition for youth chamber orchestras established

Jan 1 Establishment of Czech Radio as a public corporation

Olomouc regional studio goes on air

Feb 6 Radio Praha (the first station in the Czech Republic to do so) begins broadcasting direct by satellite "direct to home" as part of the World Radio Network
Nov 6 Český rozhlas 6 / Radio Svobodná Evropa (Radio Free Europe) goes on air
July - Aug Czech Radio plays major role in informing public of the catastrophic floods that overwhelm Moravia and part of Bohemia. A collection for flood victims is launched at Czech Radio heatquarters on Vinohradská street, which eventually raises 7 699 287 Kc.

Czech Radio celebrates its 75th anniversary
March 31 Ceremonial laying of foundation stone for a new Studio House in Prague's Římská street
May 1 Website www.cro.cz goes on-line

May 18 Ceremonial opening of new Studio House
Oct 29 Broadcasting in Russian (ČRo 7 - Radio Praha)
Nov 5 Broadcasting from the new Studio House
Nov 22 Foundation of Czech Radio Endowment Fund

Aug 31 65th anniversary of Czech Radio 7 - Radio Praha international servis broadcasting

March 4 Launch of the broadcasting of the new regional station Czech Radio Pardubice
Oct 1 Launch of the broadcasting of the new regional station Czech Radio Region, Vysocina
Oct 21 Launch of the broadcasting of the new regional station Czech Radio Region, Central Bohemia

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