Students experienced what it is like to work in Czech Radio

In the past few days, eight students were given the opportunity of trying a journalist's job in Czech Radio. This opportunity was provided for them by the international project PRESSpektivy - the Future of Journalism. Apart from attending the Creative Workshop, the university students could also discuss with many experts not only from Czech Radio but also from the BBC or the German radio station BR PULS.

"With the guidance of experienced reporters, the students created their own radio report which was later on broadcast by two Czech Radio stations: Radiožurnál and Radio Wave. Bára Šichanová, the presenter and reporter of Radio Wave, trained the students this year, together with Vojtěch Berger, foreign correspondent of Radiožurnál. The fifth edition of PRESSpektivy was under the auspices of Jiří Chum, the presenter of the morning programme Ranní Radiožurnál," said René Zavoral, the Deputy Director General for Programme and Broadcasting.

Besides, the students also participated on the seminar called "Public Service Radio for the Young" which was focused on the radio stations abroad as well as in the Czech Republic. The seminar was also concerned with the question of how to attract young listeners, develop the programme and the radio broadcast; which kinds of programmes it is advisable to produce and how to link radio to webpage content, video, or social networks. Except for representatives of Radio Wave, the discussion involved also Thomas Müller, the Editor-in-Chief of the youth radio station BR PULS which belongs to the Bayerischer Rundfunk located in Munich; and Aled Haydn Jones, the presenter of the BBC Radio 1. This seminar was organized within Czech Radio's annual Prix Bohemia Radio festival.

"PRESSpektivy were launched in Czech Radio in 2012. The project follows trends, brings inspiration from abroad and opens up the space for self-education. One of its tasks is also to share experience and knowledge among Czech journalists, foreign experts on new trends in journalism, and university students," added René Zavoral.

The project PRESSpektivy - the Future of Journalism wants to propel and fuel discussion on topics that are related to the present and future of journalism. Its goal is to improve the professional level of Czech Radio's journalists and get them involved with the education of the future journalists. PRESSpektivy always takes place twice a year in the form of an expert workshop for selected journalists and experts on the given topic with the attendance of guests from abroad. Another part of the project is the day-long Creative Workshop intended for students from partner universities. For more information, please see the website of the project,

Jiří Hošna
Czech Radio's spokesman
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