EBU Representatives to Discuss European Digitisation Strategy at Czech Radio

The EBU Radio Committee will meet on Wednesday, February 18 in Czech Radio’s headquarters. The leading management body of the union of European public service broadcasters will hold a closed meeting to discuss, among other issues, the digitisation of radio broadcasting in Europe.

“Digitisation will be one of our key topics. We will discuss not only the situation in the Czech Republic but also in other countries, such as Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Poland. Our shared goal is to speed up the digitisation process. We will also highlight the importance of this pivotal year in the context of the digitisation of radio broadcasting. At the meeting, Czech Radio will also present the newly commenced strategic EBU project Vision 2020, which should push us forward in areas of innovation, multimedia and communication with our listeners,” says René Zavoral, Deputy Director General for Programme and Broadcasting who has been an EBU member since 2013.

As a project included as part of the activities of the EBU, Vision 2020 will be one of Czech Radio’s priorities in the upcoming years. Its goal is to enhance the services of the station as a public service broadcaster, ensure the connection of its broadcasting with multimedia content, continue the development of programming and broadcasting and search for new platforms enabling communication with its listeners and employees. Other topics covered by the agenda of the EBU Radio Committee will include the issue of content distribution and standard broadcasting, Radio Assembly 2015 and strategic data of members associated with the EBU.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to host the 60th meeting of the EBU’s Radio Committee. This prominent event attests to the prestige enjoyed by Czech Radio within the EBU. It is also a springboard for the EBU General Assembly which is to take place this June in Prague, of which we are a major organiser,” says Peter Duhan, Director General of Czech Radio.

The Radio Committee is an important body of the EBU, also comprising representatives of the BBC, Swedish Radio, German SWR and other broadcasters. It addresses strategic issues related to radio broadcasting in Europe, and monitors the development of the European radio market. Further information on the activities and members of the Radio Committee are available on the EBU website.

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