Czech Radio Becomes a Member of WorldDMB – a Global Forum That Will Aid CR in the Digitisation Process

5. březen 2015

Starting this year, Czech Radio became a member of the prestigious WorldDMB, a global forum for digital radio. The forum is an association of broadcasters, companies and other organisations from Europe, Asia and the Pacific. Membership will provide Czech Radio with the opportunity to share its know-how with other members, to stay in touch with recognised digitisation experts and to obtain unique technical and business information.

“By joining the WorldDMB forum, Czech Radio again demonstrates that the digitisation process is seen as a very serious issue and that it intends to become a digitisation leader in the Czech market. Our membership will help us gain access to important technical databases and coverage maps, thus enabling us to follow the radio digitisation process in other European countries and worldwide. We will gain valuable contact information from digitisation experts, using the latest information about individual countries, regulations and development of receivers and chips to keep up to date with key news in the automotive industry,” says Michal Koliandr, Deputy Director General for Administration and Operations, Czech Radio.

Czech Radio representatives can join various committees within the WorldDMB and gain access to global on-line databases. They will also get the opportunity to nominate their own experts in the fields of digital radio, regulation, technology and marketing issues, using full advantage of WorldDMB membership.

“WorldDMB offers a reservoir of presentations and research prepared by experts on radio digitisation. Among its network of connections, it has close ties with the automotive industry and works towards the development of a dialogue between it and the broadcasting sector. And it is the automotive industry that will play one of the key roles in the development of digital radio,” added Koliandr.

Each year, WorldDMB organises an automobile production workshop that offers a platform for the representatives of both these sectors to meet and discuss the latest issues. In addition, the organisation annually holds a series of international workshops dedicated to topics such as on-air services, multimedia, coverage, regulation, switch-off of analogue broadcasts, automobile data services, multi-standard chips for the automotive industry and navigation.

For more information on WorldDMB please go to WorldDMB’s website.

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