Czech Radio Station Plus to Broadcast On FM This Autumn

Czech Radio is going to extend the broadcast of the station Plus on FM, after a new Amendment of the Act on Czech Radio was signed by the President Miloš Zeman on April 1st 2015. Thanks to the extension of broadcast, the analytics and current affairs station will be able to reach more listeners. Up to 80% of inhabitants will be able to tune in to Plus in the FM band.

“It was one of our priorities to enable Plus to broadcast on FM, and it was also one of the strategic goals that Czech Radio managed to achieve during my presidency term. I am glad that the programme of the station Plus will be able to reach a larger number of inhabitants. It can be expected that the station will continue to complement the programme portfolio of Czech Radio, serving more demanding listeners,” said Peter Duhan, the Director General of Czech Radio.

So far, the station Plus has been broadcasting on FM only in Prague and in the wider Prague area in the morning and afternoon broadcast block. Other than that, Czech Radio distributes the broadcast of this station on digital platforms and in the medium wave band. Czech Radio keeps in its budget an allotted reserve for the extension of broadcast of the station Plus in levels of millions CZK. The distribution of Plus will be enabled by means of frequencies which Czech Radio will gain by optimizing its own broadcast network.

“The station Plus might start broadcasting on FM in October of this year– in November at the the latest. We have been working on the shape of the broadcast programme as well as the technical matters for a long time. Czech Radio set up a strategic team who is responsible for the future shape of the station Plus, especially its programme. The final shape of the broadcast of this station will be introduced by Czech Radio in early September,” said René Zavoral, Deputy Director General for Programme and Broadcasting.

The nation-wide station Plus started broadcasting on March 1st 2013. Its offer includes analytic reporting, commentaries, discussions, and interactive programmes. It aims to analyse the current and up-to-date events in broader contexts of social, historical, economical, or cultural matters. Czech Radio Plus is also an information outlet for topics such as science and technology or history.

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