VISION2020: Czech Radio’s Online Player Links Live Broadcast with Archive, and Visualises Radio

Czech Radio introduces a new online player which compared to those of other radio broadcasters offers the widest range of additional services for listeners. It links live broadcast with audio archive, provides information on programmes and songs, visual images, or links to webpage profiles. It also opens new options for the embedded player and makes it easier to navigate among the individual stations of Czech Radio.

“Czech Radio wants to offer as many services as possible for its listeners. That is why we chose the path of multimedialization which involves new content, new functions, linking radio broadcast with on-line world and its features. Over a year ago, Czech Radio actively joined the strategic project of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) called Vision 2020, one of whose goals is to create a modern multimedia environment. And the new online player is an example of a service that responds to the needs of our listeners,” says René Zavoral, Deputy Director General for Programme and Broadcasting.

The basic characteristics of Czech Radio‘s new online player is the linking of several modes: Live Broadcast, Audio Archive, Embedded Player, and accompanying textual and visual features. At the same time, Czech Radio‘s Centre for New Media just started working on the next version of the online player which is going to integrate live video broadcasts from the studios of Czech Radio’s stations as well.

“At the moment, our online player is the most sophisticated radio player on the Czech Internet. Czech Radio is going to use the metadata of the new player for the purposes of creating modules of additional services within the framework of the European project for hybrid radio, as well as for future digital broadcast and other platforms,” says Alexandr Pícha, Head of New Media.

Characteristic features of Czech Radio’s new online player

The Live Broadcast mode provides the following functions and additional services:
- title and information on the currently playing programme
- title of the currently playing song
- title and description of the following programme
- alternating picture of the presenters of the currently broadcast programme, linked their profiles on the web page
- alternating visual image of the currently broadcast programme, with a link to further description on the web page

The Audio Archive mode offers the following functions and additional services:
- title of the playing programme and textual information
- option to embed audio on another webpage (Embedded Player)
- option to download the audio file (provided Czech Radio enables this; copyright is duly observed)
- option to set up podcast or iTunes of the programme
- option to share the audio on social networks

- direct tuning among all Czech Radio’s stations while maintaining the Live Broadcast mode or the Audio Archive mode
- it also works as a menu for the following sections of the website:
the homepage of the station
the Program website (broadcast plan of a given station for the following days)
iRadio website (the list of audio recordings of a chosen programme)
podcast or iTunes of a chosen programme
section „Staff“ pertaining to a given station
section „Programmes“ pertaining to a given station

- option of playing the audio by means of HTML5 (i.e. without the necessity of a Flash plug-in)
- option of choice among various qualities of audio formats MP3, WMA, eventually OGG
- it also works as a separate pop-up window while launching it from the website of the station or from Czech Radio’s iRadio.
- it also works as a browser window upon entering the URL or a direct link of the live broadcast of a station, or audio recording of a given programme

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