Czech Radio to Help With Development of Public Service Broadcasting in Montenegro

24. duben 2015

Czech Radio promised help to the public service broadcasters in Montenegro, and signed an agreement of cooperation with them. The agreement will involve especially exchange internships, sharing of expertise and knowledge, and attendance of international conferences.

According to the representatives of local television and radio organisations, public service broadcasting in Montenegro is facing several difficulties. It is necessary to reorganize the whole public service broadcasting system, find a suitable framework for cooperation with state organs, regulators as well as commercial stations, and at the same time attempt to develop the broadcasting towards young generation and embrace on-line environment. Czech Radio’s Director General Peter Duhan therefore accepted their invitation for a visit, and shared the experience in the area of leadership of Czech Radio and its recent successful reorganization.

Czech Radio promised help in the form of exchange internships for employees, sharing expertise and knowledge in programme and non-programme sections, or help with the development and stabilization the regional broadcasting in the country. At the same time we will support the attendance of Czech Radio’s specialists at international conferences which the Montenegro broadcasters organize throughout this year for both their top representatives and the academic and research sector,” said Director General of Czech Radio Peter Duhan.

Television and radio broadcasters of Montenegro appreciated Czech Radio’s help and were also grateful for Director General Duhan’s words about the importance of public service broadcasting today, its independence on political influence, and its significance in the Balkans whose turbulent history needs to be conveyed to young generations, providing them with independent and balanced information.

While visiting Montenegro, Director General Duhan also presented Vision 2020 which, as a project under the auspices of European Broadcasting Union (EBU), shall be in the forefront of Czech Radio’s priorities for the next years. Its aim is to develop the radio services as public service media, to safeguard the linkage of broadcasting with multimedia content, to go forward with developing programme and broadcast, or seek new platforms of communication with listeners but also with employees.

At the beginning of this year, Czech Radio signed a similar agreement of cooperation with Radio Romania; in January 2014 signed the same with the German broadcaster MDR. For a number of years Czech Radio has also been closely cooperating with the Slovak public service radio.

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