René Zavoral has become a member of the principal policy-making body in the audio sector of the EBU

25. květen 2015

Czech Radio will once again have its representative in the principal policy-making body of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The Deputy Director General for Programme and Broadcasting René Zavoral was elected in Warsaw today for a new tenure as a member of the prestigious EURORADIO Committee which unites the public service radios in Europe. Among the members of the EURORADIO Committee are for example also representatives of the BBC or Radio France.

“Having a representative in a top EBU body proves the strong position of Czech Radio among European broadcasters. During my second tenure I intend to further pursue especially the support and development of digital radio broadcasting. Another important topic will also be the fulfilment of the EBU project Vision2020 which is embraced by Czech Radio. The main goal of this project is to create a modern multimedia environment, innovation, or the improvement of communication with our listeners,” said the Deputy Director General René Zavoral whose first tenure in the EURORADIO Committee started in May 2013.

EURORADIO Committee consists of 14 members; it is the main statutory organ for European public service broadcasters. It decides upon strategic priorities for radio broadcasting in Europe. It also formulates common positions of public service radios as regards legal matters, copyright issues in the music sector and digitalisation, and it also supports the development of radio broadcasting in member countries of the EBU.

The elections to the EURORADIO Committee always take place during the Radio Assembly of the EBU. Tenures for the next election period were also granted to the leading representatives of Radio France, RAI (Italy) or NRK (Norway). The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Director of BBC Radio Graham Ellis.

The main points of interest for the EURORADIO Committee are nowadays especially digitalisation of radio broadcasting, the financing of public service broadcasting in Europe, multimedialisation, and strategy of radio broadcasting for the next few years.

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