Czech Radio is to Launch Fully Parameterised Experimental DAB Broadcasting

Digitální radiopřijímač

In collaboration with Czech Radiocommunications, Czech Radio will be able to go fully digital, offering experimental broadcasting in Prague and its surroundings – thanks to a permit issued by the Czech Telecommunication Office allocating frequencies for this purpose. This is yet another significant step towards digital broadcasting which will bring new and better services for Czech Radio’s listeners.

“The launch of the experimental digital radio service for Prague, reaching up to 17 per cent of the national population, was one of Czech Radio’s strategic goals. We have now managed to achieve this goal and we believe that all technical issues will soon be solved and we will be able to start the service already in the summer. Czech Radio has thus again showcased its commitment to being at the helm of the development of digital radio broadcasting and its readiness to switch to DAB. We currently operate several special digital stations and are preparing several future projects that will support the development of digital broadcasting,” said Peter Duhan, Czech Radio’s Director General.

Aside from a detailed concept of the transition to digital broadcasting, Czech Radio has also introduced specific prerequisites needed for the advancement of DAB in the Czech Republic. These include: legislative changes, financing of simultaneous analogue and digital broadcasting and coordination with the private sector. In order to ensure a smooth and successful digitisation process, Czech Radio also calls for the formation of a national coordination group and the preparation of a “digitisation timetable”.

Digital broadcasting will open up new possibilities of improving the public service offered to our listeners, for example, by extending the range of programmes, enhancing the transmission quality and introducing new multimedia services. Czech Radio will continue searching for niches on the Czech radio market that are not interesting to or cannot be filled by private operators.

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