Czech Radio Commits to Creativity and Multimedia Content

Creativity, multimedia content and enhanced communication with its listeners and employees are Czech Radio’s main priorities – and all fall under the Vision 2020 project, which was introduced today at the General Assembly of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Prague. As part of this development project, a special creative team will be formed and the online environment will be further improved.

Deputy General Director for Programme and Broadcasting, René Zavoral, who presented Vision 2020 at today’s session of the EBU’s General Assembly, explains: “Next January, Czech Radio’s structure will be extended to include a creative centre which will focus on work with new input, whether it be new series of programmes or new radio show projects. In the field of multimedia content, we will focus on information verification systems, the creation of a quote assistant, shortener and an emotion recognition system.”

The quote assistant and shortener will facilitate the distribution of Czech Radio’s content on social media sites. Thanks to these applications, radio content will be better organised, offering access to well-arranged and user-friendly layout and navigation systems. Our easy-to-find links will provide users with clearly indicated Czech Radio original content. One of other main multimedia priorities will be the development of data journalism.

Among Vision 2020’s other goals will be the enhancement of communication with Czech Radio’s listeners and employees. It also envisages the involvement of ambassadors – prominent public figures from social and scientific life who will help promote the education of radio employees.

Director General, Peter Duhan, adds: “Vision 2020 is a key project of the EBU which will enable all public service broadcasters to retain their uniqueness and irreplaceable role in society. Czech Radio has managed to quickly respond to this challenge because we want to continue to be a modern and self-confident trend-setter.”

The umbrella project Vision 2020, initiated by the EBU, calls on the public service media to keep content relevant, to support the loyalty of their listeners and to continue along the road towards further development. Broadcasters are encouraged to initiate trends both in technological terms and in relation to the advancement of new formats, while offering topical content that reflects the ever-changing needs of society.

The EBU’s General Assembly takes place in Prague between June 24 and 26 and is organised by Czech Radio in conjunction with Czech Television, hosting almost two hundred top representatives from public service broadcasters in sixty-five countries across Europe. The EBU’s General Assembly brings directors-general of the public service media together. It serves as the EBU’s main decision-making body and its task is to define an overall development strategy and to gradually implement the goals set forth in Vision 2020. Czech Radio and Czech Television have been members of the EBU since 1993. The organisation was established in 1950 and is based in Geneva.

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