Czeching 2015 project announces winners: VR/NOBODY

8. říjen 2015

And here it is! It is a Prague-based downtempo duo VR/NOBODY who romp home the victory in the music export project of Radio Wave while a young electronic producer Aid Kid received the highest number of listeners votes.

Czeching 2015’s 17- membered expert jury – composed of 6 Czech and 11 foreign jurors – have given Prague-based duo VR/NOBODY a golden opportunity to reach European audience. As the winning band at this year’s Czeching, VR/NOBODY will get the chance to use Czech Radio’s recording studios to produce their brand new EP. The band and a song titled „Yet“ were nominated by Radio Wave editor Marie Čtveráčková aka Mary C. This is a modern urban music tip that might address European audience and this is why the song received critical acclaim mainly just from the side of foreign jurors.

VR/NOBODY are given the opportunity to make a professional recording of their songs with expenses covered by Czech Radio. The recorded tracks are played on air, included in Radio Wave’s playlist and sent to radio stations associated with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). And what’s more – on 15th January 2016 our winners will perform live at the most prestigious European music talent festival – Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen in the Netherlands. On November 16th VR/NOBODY play Prague at Radio Wave Live Session. Czeching provides winner with support in creation of artwork design, live show and PR.

VR/NOBODY exemplify today’s young urban generation – intelligent, ambitious, well-informed and a touch reclusive, at least in terms of the Czech music scene. Their introverted soul/R&B sound mixed in with contemporary electronic beats is a rare find on the domestic scene as reflected by their debut album titled “Yet”. This duo, made up of a supremely talented producer/composer Jakub Strach, aka DJ NobodyListen and an absolutely incredible lyricist-cum-vocalist Václav Rouček (who’s also responsible for the band’s visuals by the way), definitely has a promising future. Jakub – laughing, it must be said – warns us, “We like to play on words: ‘VEE ARE’ NOBODY – Yet. But that’s all going to change very soon – we’re coming, so get ready!”

Besides hailing the official Czeching 2015 winner voted by our 17-membered international expert panel, finally we come to know what the public choice looks like. The Vote For Your Favourite Czech Song application closed up on 7th October and the winner in listeners view is Aid Kid. The talented Prague-based electronic producer and his track titled „Broken Arp“ were nominated by Radio Wave editor Jirka Špičák. The Czeching 2015 listener poll results mean great news to fans of sophisticated electronic music. In addition, due to Aid Kid´s young age there is a lot of amazing music to come in the future.

Aid Kid

The score at the Vote For Your Favourite Czech Song competition brings the young artist a few promising opportunities – European radio stations will be provided by his tracks and he can expect promotional support at the major showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen in the Netherlands. Aid Kid will be scheduled for Audioport, an international music project of Radio Wave and Slovak FM Radio, furthermore he will perform at Radio Wave Live Session and will be airplayed on Radio Wave.

In previous years the winners of Czeching have been the surf-punk trio Wild Tides as the main winner of 2014 and Manon Meurt as the ones selected by the public. The Czeching 2013 expert jury voted for singer Sára Vondrášková’s Prague-based project, Never Sol.

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