Czech Radio Representative Appointed to the EBU Radio & Journalism Subcommittee

Tomáš Pancíř, Director of Czech Radio’s News and Current Affairs Department, has been appointed as the Vice Chair of the EBU Radio & Journalism Subcommittee. The Subcommittee reviews coverage of international events, editorial principles and the use of new media and technology in news journalism.

Czech Radio’s Deputy Director General for Programme and Broadcasting, René Zavoral: “For many years now, Czech Radio has been producing high quality news content. Our achievements have now been recognised by the representatives of radio stations associated with the EBU responsible for appointing members to expert groups. With almost a dozen of our employees engaged in EBU’s radio broadcasting regulatory bodies, we now rank among the most active members in EBU’s radio division.”

The EBU Radio & Journalism Subcommittee typically focuses on radio news reporting within Europe, reviewing editorial principles, codes of ethics, and technical issues. It also fosters collaboration among European radio stations with regard to news coverage of international events, and examines the influence of new technology and social networks on news journalism. As well as Czech Radio, the Subcommittee is comprised of representatives from German ARD, Swedish Radio, ORF, RAI and public service broadcasters from Belgium and Spain.

Czech Radio’s participation in the prestigious Radio Committee of the EBU – through the appointment of Deputy Director for Programme and Broadcasting René Zavoral as one of its members – is considered of special strategic importance. Serving as the main statutory body for European public service broadcasters, the EBU Radio Committee is made up of 14 members charged with the responsibility of making decisions on priorities within radio broadcasting in Europe. At the same time, its members formulate common positions on behalf of public service broadcasters in relation to legislation, copyright issues associated with music production and digital broadcasting, as well as supporting the development of radio broadcasting among EBU member countries.

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