Karel Zýka Appointed as Czech Radio’s Interim Director General

The Czech Radio Council today elected its interim Director General – Ing. Karel Zýka, former director of Czech Radio’s Technology Department.

“I would like to thank the Czech Radio Council for placing their trust in me, and for nominating and subsequently appointing me as Czech Radio’s interim Director General. I eventually accepted the nomination – primarily to aid Czech Radio in spanning the difficult upcoming three months, which sees us into the new year. Among my main tasks will be to finalise this year’s accounts and to assist with the on-going work on Czech Radio’s projects as well as the audio broadcasting digitisation process. A key area will be the creation of a budget for 2016. Czech Radio is in a good place right now and continues to meet all the demanding requirements and parameters of a progressive public service medium. We have a great team of people who I know I can rely on. As we do not plan to make any significant changes to our operation, my aim is to make sure that Czech Radio maintains its healthy and stable situation for the upcoming three months until the appointment of a new Director General,” said the newly appointed interim Director General of Czech Radio, Karel Zýka.

In 1992, Karel Zýka graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague and has spent his entire professional career working in the media ever since. For five years, he worked as technical director at Rádio Alfa (the first private nationwide radio station in the Czech Republic), where he introduced a number of technical innovations to the Czech media landscape. In the years 2000 to 2006, he served as one of the directors of the Communications Department at Czech Radio. He subsequently capitalised on his experience in both technical and marketing management by joining Prima TV, where he spent six years as head of its network of regional TV stations, during which time he oversaw their transition to DVB-T. He was also a member of an expert group within the Czech Telecommunications Office that coordinated the transition of all TV broadcasters to digital terrestrial broadcasting. On September 1, 2014 he became head of Czech Radio’s Technology Department.

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