A new EP by the Czeching 2015 winners VR/NOBODY is available at 200 e-shops worldwide!

26. leden 2016

As the main prize, Czeching – music export project of Radio Wave - annually opens the doors of Czech Radio’s legendary Karlín studio to the competition winners, giving them the opportunity to produce a one-off professional recording with the assistance of a sound engineer and producer. This year, the studio hosted a recording session with Prague-based downtempo duo VR/NOBODY, giving rise to their brand new five-track EP entitled “Now”.

It debuted as part of a Czeching session airing December 2 on Radio Wave. A limited vinyl edition of the EP is scheduled for December 11. The pilot single “Rain” was available to Czeching listeners on flexi-vinyl. Václav „VR“ Rouček and Jakub „NobodyListen“ Strach had brought brand new tracks “Body”, “Rain”, “Now”, “Door”, “AM” for the recording session supervised by Jiří Šimek (recording director) and Karel Fisl (sound engineer). Radimo, a renowned Czech music producer and member of a sophisticated hiphop outfit Prago Union took up not only role of the duo´s mentor but also helped instrumentally by playing sax on “AM” while Jiří Šimek added guitar in “Rain”. Jan Šikl supplied the title track with exceptional string arrangement performed by Kvintesence Quartet. The EP was mastered by Tomáš Sochůrek and the cover art is the work of Jakub Šolín (graphic design), Dereck Hard (background photo) and Khalil Baalbaki (cover photo).

VRN_Now_cover art

“Now” EP´s digital distribution features 200 e-shops worldwide (see the list here) which is the very first time Czech Radio has set such a release. The EP is also sold via Czech Radio´s e-shop Radioteka and you can listen to it on Radio Wave´s SoundCloud. Czeching recording sessions have been performed also by previous winners Never Sol (2013) and Wild Tides (2014).


Recorded as part of Czeching 2015, you can check out VR/NOBODY’s new video "Goodbye".

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