Czech Radio to bring folk music with contemporary vibes to Český Krumlov

On 19–22 July, the Castle Riding Hall in Český Krumlov will host the 38th Euroradio Folk Festival. Over twenty bands from all over Europe and one from South Korea will demonstrate how traditional music can be reanimated through a modern approach. The festival is held by Czech Radio under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, South Bohemian Region, and the town of Český Krumlov.

The recordings of the concerts will air on many European radio stations and the opening concert will air live on Czech Radio Vltava.
“We are very happy that this year’s Euroradio Folk Festival will be held in the Czech Republic, and we are honoured to organise it in the magical setting of Český Krumlov. The festival reflects the diversity of contemporary world music and as such, it presents an excellent opportunity to learn about the many facets of folk music,” says the Programme Director Eva Hazdrová Kopecká. The concerts will be held on two stages in the picturesque premises of the Český Krumlov Castle. Over one hundred musicians from all over the world will play in the open-air setting of the Respirium and in the interior of the Castle Riding Hall.

“During the festival, the audience will be able to enjoy diverse approaches and sounds, from the acoustic classic to surprising combinations and fusions. The musicians use kanteles, kobzas, violins, accordions and balalaikas, as well as percussion and electric musical instruments,” says music editor Aleš Opekar. Among the artists that will perform at the festival is the Czech band Ponk, Norway’s Kjorstad Brothers, La Banda Morisca from Spain, Austria’s Federspiel, Katarína Máliková from Slovakia or the Estonian duo Puuluup.

Since its beginnings in 1980, the Euroradio Folk Festival allowed more than two thousand musicians and instrumentalists to perform a huge amount of rejuvenated traditional music from Europe and other continents, as well as to get in touch with other musicians.

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The event is free.