Sherlock Holmes in the State Services – the first radio play in video

On Sunday 17 September, Czech Radio Dvojka became the first to broadcast a radio play live in video. Alongside a classic live broadcast, fans of Sherlock Holmes could also watch their hero’s case via cameras on YouTube.

Sunday 17 September has entered into radio history. From 20:00 that day Czech Radio Dvojka offered Arthur Conan Doyle’s play “Sherlock Holmes in the State Services” not only as part of a radio broadcast but also on its YouTube channel. A video recording of the entire play is now available for free.

Leading roles: Holmes - Jan Hájek, Watson - Pavel Batěk.
Supporting roles: Violet - Marika Procházková, West - Lukáš Příkazký, Hudsonová - Jana Boušková, Mycroft Holmes - Tomáš Pavelka, Lestrade - Ladislav Hampl, Walter - Jiří Hána, Johnson - Hanuš Bor. Translation of play Eva Kondrysová, dramatisation Martin Velíšek, dramaturgy Kateřina Rathouská, sound Radek Veselý and Milan Křivohlavý, direction Vít Vencl.

“At the start of Sunday evening I said to myself that it won’t only be the first time in 70 years, but also it may be the last for another 70 years. But then as I observed the reaction of the actors, the director, the production staff, but above all the response from listeners – by telephone, email, social networks… we’ll probably take on a similar adventure again sooner than that,” says Czech Radio Dvojka editor-in-chief Martin Groman.

The themed evening continued from 22:00 with Tomáš Černý’s documentary report “Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Radio”, mapping preparations for the radio play and live broadcast.

Find more information and the video at the website