Czech Radio to Expand Digital Broadcasting in Brno, Ostrava and Pilsen

8. prosinec 2017

On 30 November 2017, Czech Radio (Český rozhlas), together with Czech Radiocommunications (České radiokomunikace), launched digital broadcasting from the Brno-Hády, Ostrava-Hošťálkovice and Pilsen-Radeč transmitters. The broadcasting signal of ČRo DAB+ multiplex (virtual sub channel) will cover 40% of the population. If listeners are interested, it will be expanded to include other conurbations.

Digital broadcasting from the above-mentioned transmitters will commence exactly six months after the launch of live operation of DAB+ from the Žižkov Tower. Just like in Prague, the multiplex will be broadcasting fourteen radio stations in the DAB+ standard and with the most modern coding available. It will therefore be possible to broadcast Czech Radio’s radio stations with a lower data flow while preserving high sound quality.

“I am pleased we are continuing with the expansion of the digital network. This will allow us to offer a higher quality of services to our listeners and expand our programming. Czech Radio is a natural leader of digitisation in the Czech Republic and the one who is developing modern radio broadcasting technology,” said René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

The DAB+ programme schedule, which is not available to such a degree on receivers in the very shortwave/FM range, remains. Therefore, in addition to the nationwide stations, i.e., Radiožurnál, Dvojka, Vltava and the news and journalistic station Český rozhlas Plus, the regional studios, i.e., ČRo Regina DAB Prague, ČRo Region (Central Bohemia), ČRo Brno, ČRo Ostrava and ČRo Plzeň, will also be represented in the digital network and thus available in the entire DAB+ multiplex network.

Even special, popular stations, such as Radio Wave, Rádio Junior, D-dur and ČRo Jazz, are available. Expansion of DAB+ to other areas will depend on how interested listeners will be in digital radio.

As the head-end, i.e., the heart of Czech Radio’s DAB+ multiplex broadcast chain, is under direct control of a public media body, it is possible to guarantee maximum sound quality and distribution of the signal from the studio all the way to the transmitter.

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