Eedris Abdulkareem

13. leden 2012

Nigerian rapper Eedris Abdulkareem is always making international news apart from his musical talents.

Abdulkareem had tried to occupy 50 Cent's seat, resulting in a fight between Abdulkareem, his friends, and 50 Cent's bodyguards. One of Abdulkareem's associates was hospitalised as a result, and 50 Cent returned to the United States, refusing to appear at a scheduled concert in Port Harcourt.

Eedris Abdulkareem is perhaps Nigeria`s most famous political critic. In 2002 he released his solo debut album, P.A.S.S ("Pains And Stress = Success") under the Kennis music label. Eedris however made his mark with his second album Mr. Lecturer also released in 2002. The album title track instantly became popular because it addressed the problem of students using money and sex to solicit higher grades in Nigerian colleges and universities, as well as Male lecturers exploiting female students and requesting sex and money in exchange for good grades.

In 2004 Eedris` third studio album Jaga Jaga was instantly banned by from radio airplay by Nigerian President Obasnjo because the title track talked about the although it was a hit in nightclubs. The album gained international critical acclaim, and the cover of the album was designed by the great Ghariokwu Lemi, who designed Most of Fela Kutis Classic album covers.
His fourth and most recent album Letter to the Mr. President was released in 2005. The album featured Flash Up Unu Lighter, a tribute to former Nigerian President Obasanjo's wife, Stella who died while undergoing surgery in Spain. Eedris also responed to Obasanjo`s criticisms of Jaga Jaga.

It is a thing of common knowledge that top showbiz stars endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan and actually mobilized other Nigerians to vote him into office. One of such showbiz peoples from the music sector of the industry was Mohit Records boss, Don Jazzy and his vice cum D’Banj a.k.a Mr. Endowed. D’Banj even went a step further and interviewed Mr. President, this generated an outcry of rumors that Mo’Hits Label were paid large sum of money for their public endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan. Removal of fuel subsidy has created different reactions from Nigerian citizens during a peaceful protest against the removal of fuel subsidy in Lagos State, Nigerian hip hop icon Eedris Abdulkareem took adavatage of the volitile stituation by calling out the names of all the artistes and other people that campaigned for president Goodluck during the last election. He particularlly attacked D`Banj for supporting the president.

Links to some music videos that were played:
Tiwa Savage – Kele Kele
Black Coffee ft. Zakes Bantwini – Juju

The playlist looks like this:
DJ Fisherman ft. Tira & Big Nuz – Happy Song [South Africa] (Afrotainment)
Eedris Abdulkareem – Jaga Jaga (Nigeria) [Kennis Music]
Eedris Abdulkareem – Letter to Mr President (Nigeria) [Kennis Music]
Tiwa Savage – Kele Kele (Nigeria) [Sony USA Record]
Sutu Feat Slap Dee – Disposable (Zambia) [Digital X]
J Martins – Ereke(2011) (Nigeria)[Konlive Africa]
JJC – Say Yes (Britain) [BigBoyz]
Mampi – Walilowelela (Zambia) [Digital X]
Teddy Ziggy – Tingrin My Heart (Czech Republic) [Ziggybag Ent]
Man Dem – Zone Fam ft. Cactus Agony & Macky 2
Winky D – Kiswa Bhutsu (Zimbabwe) [Blacklab Records]
Winky D – Ninja Saturday (Zimbabwe) [Blacklab Records]
Petersen Zagaze – Lollipop Banana (Zambia) [Zaga Lyfe Ent]
Wyredalovechild – Sina Makosa (Kenya) [MsaniiMusic]
Vampino ByemerE ft. Knowles (Uganda) [Swangz Avenue]
Vampino – Love To Dance remix (Uganda)[Swangz Avenue]
Radio & Weasel – Rescue Me ft. Toniks (Uganda) [Goodlyfe Magic]
Psquare – Player [Nigeria] (Square records)
Durban's Finest ft. Big Nuz – Uyoyisholo Wena [South Africa] (Afrotainment)
Mgarimbe ft. DJ Jabzeen – Sister Betina [South Africa] (self-released)
Black Coffee ft. Zakes Bantwini – Juju [South Africa] (Soulistic Music Records)

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