mujRozhlas (myRadio) Project Begins

3. leden 2020

Český rozhlas (Czech Radio) has launched the mujRozhlas project, which constitutes the third pillar of the broadcaster’s internet strategy. The project will allow the public to enjoy live broadcasting of all Czech Radio’s stations, a selection of archive programmes and even an audio production made directly for the on-line environment.  

After two years of intensive work and effort, we are launching a project without parallel in the Czech Republic. It is part of the long-term strategy to digitalise the content and offer all of Czech Radio’s audio services in one spot.,“ said Czech Radio CEO René Zavoral.

The first audio archive entitled Rádio na přání (Radio on Request) was launched in 2004, and its services that followed were run the whole time in much the same vein as a part of the first pillar. Thus, in 2004, the first version of the iRadio app was developed, followed in the next year by podcasts with the possibility to listen to selected third-party programmes. 

The launch of the mujRozhlas project opens up the possibility to build and develop audio services in one place. The work does not end with the launch, however. In fact, it means ongoing work and the gradual release of the technologies and functionalities being developed for mobile apps and websites as well as the expansion of the content being offered,” says New Media Director Jiří Malina.

MujRozhlas audio portal will offer live broadcasting, including time shifting, recordings of programmes that have already been broadcasted, new content formats created especially for online distribution as well as specialities from the Czech Radio archive. It will be possible to download it as a mobile app or use it on a computer via a web browser, which will run also in a responsible design for mobile devices.

By the end of January, mujRozhlas should also replace the current iRadio app and the old audio archive, which is part of the website. The services will be deployed gradually to allow current users to become familiar with the new environment and get used to new services. This approach is the traditional one for implementing new projects into major ecosystems which are part of Czech Radio’s internet services. To illustrate: in October, and were visited by over 1.5 million and 1.2 million real users, respectively.  

Thanks to the mujRozhlas app, it will be possible to do the following upon its launch: 

  • Listen to live broadcasts of all of Czech Radio’s stations, including the possibility of listening to the broadcast at a later date (“time shifting”) 
  • Listen to programmes sorted according to topic, including children’s content and a selection of interesting programmes from Czech Radio archives
  • Listen to exclusive content created specifically for mujRozhlas
  • Listen to programmes and podcasts both online and offline if there is no internet connection
  • Set up the app according to your needs, including the structure of the home page, or switch between the night and day regimes 
  • Take advantage of registration for both the website and app, and store information about favourite programmes and other information.

The launch of the project is a part of the first stage of objectives that are to about to be put into operation some defined segments, such as automatic processing of broadcasting, changes to publication workflow and improvement of productivity, interactive content formats and distribution to third parties, such as HBBTV, and partner apps. The next two stages will focus on the possibilities of commercial services and developing work with users, i.e., membership. The mujRozhlas project is set up until 2021, when it should be incorporated into full and regular operations. can be found here (only in Czech)

App is available also in Google Play, App store and other major distribution services on your mobile phone.

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