EBU and Czech Radio Discussing Challenges of Digital Future

6. únor 2019

Czech Radio needs to focus on the public’s changing expectations and habits. In the future, not only classical, but other distribution channels, such as DAB+, have to be taken into account.

On 24 - 25 January, members of the European Broadcasting Union’s Digital Unit have been at Czech Radio taking part in the Digital Transformation Initiative Workshop. On the agenda was the concept of digital transformation, which deals not only with the issue of new digital technologies, but also with, for example, the adaptation of the public service’s media to the public’s as well as its own employees’ changing expectations. The EBU placed great importance of the workshop, and on Wednesday published the following press release.

Participants formed groups and tried, for example, to model scenarios for Czech Radio in 2030 in a way that would allow them to take into account the public’s expectations, create a digital culture based on the value of public service media, think about the importance of interlinking the organisation to create relevant content and services, and maintain excellence in data and digital technologies. The EBU also mentions the important role of DAB+ digital radio, the expansion of which Czech Radio is planning this and next year. It then describes iROZHLAS.cz (link) as Czech Radio’s key online platform.

In the social context, Czech Radio is perceived as a strong brand and institution that is part of the country’s cultural heritage and a tool for social cohesion. At this time, the institution can rely on the strong position of its respected and successful stations, which are very creative and able to maintain and even increase audience ratings. Czech Radio has a clear and ambitious plan for digital growth that is directed by the New Media department, under which the digital agenda falls. There are areas that need improvement, however, especially as regards certain internal processes. In general, Czech Radio needs to focus on the public’s changing expectations and habits.

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