The Ear Game awarded grant from Karl Sczuka Preis 2019

Winners of this year´s internationally respected competition Karl Sczuka Preis were announced in Baden-Baden on the 11th of July. They were chosen by an independent committee lead by German former ministry of culture Christina Weiss. The Ear Game, a text-sound composition from Czech Radio was awarded a significant price. The Ear Game was recorded by Vladislav Železný and Jiří Adámek.

Karl Sczuka Preis is considered to be one of the most prestigious awards when it comes to radio production. Using radio art, radio drama and various sound and musical structures in composition. The award has been regularly awarded since 1995 by an expert committee on the premises of German radio SWR. Some famous authors were among past year´s laureates, such as Mauricio Kagel, Luc Ferrari, Gerhard Ruhm, John Cage, Heiner Goebbels, Heiner Muller, Friedrike Mayrocker, Pierre Henry, Ferdinand Kriwet, Christina Kubisch or a German author with Czech name Jan Jelinek.

None of the previously submitted pieces ever gone through to the finals and was awarded. Text-sounded composition The Ear Game managed to break through in the competition of 74 entries from 17 countries. The play was written and directed by Jiří Adámek, the author of musical realization is Ladislav Železný. The duo was inspired by Brno conceptualist, poem, curator and art theoretic Jiří Valoch. The Ear Game was firstly broadcasted on 25th of September 2018 on Vltava station in dramaturgy of Renata Venclová.

Karl Sczuka Preis grant is not the first prize won be The Ear Game, it also won the first place in the drama category at Prix Bohemia Radio 2019.