Czech Radio's position on the radio market has strengthened significantly. Radiožurnál is the most successful radio station in daily and weekly listening

12. květen 2021

The latest results of the main radio listenership survey in the Czech Republic, Radioprojekt, for Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 confirmed the growing interest in broadcasting of Czech Radio stations. Its position has further strengthened by Radiožurnál being No.1 in weekly listenership and consolidating its position as the radio market leader in daily listening.

The market share of Czech Radio in the listenership in the Czech Republic reached its record share of 27.3% (an increase by 3.2 percentage points). A total of 1,669,000 listeners daily and 2,657,000 weekly listeners tuned in Czech Radio (an increase of 64,000 daily and 134,000 weekly).

"The historically largest share of Czech Radio on the radio market is a huge success, which was achieved by all its employees. I appreciate the fact that in the difficult period of the lockdown, the broadcasting of Czech Radio stations not only stood up, but also managed to win new listeners. Not only the current results of Radiožurnál, which in addition to its position as the market leader, is also the most listened to radio station in weekly listening, but also the continuous growth of the station ČRo Dvojka and the significant increase in the listenership of regional stations show how important the public service media are for society and how irreplaceable their role is," said René Zavoral, Director General of Czech Radio.

Vývoj dosahu a podílu na trhu stanic Českého rozhlasu (2016 - 2021)

CRo Radiožurnál was listened to daily by 915 thousand and weekly by 1 651 thousand listeners. The regional stations of Czech Radio recorded a significant strengthening with 415 thousand listeners per day (an increase of 56 thousand). CRo Dvojka, which has been continuously strengthening its listenership since autumn 2018 and is currently listened to by 366,000 listeners per day and 610,000 per week, is a long-term success. The threshold of 100 thousand listeners per day was exceeded by CRo Plus (104 thousand). In addition, CRo Plus, spoken-word only station focused on analytical and current affairs topics has reached a record weekly listening since its launch with 188 thousand listeners (+22 thousand).

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