Czech Radio Wave launched five pop-up formats for young audiences

7. duben 2020

Czech Radio Wave launched five pop-up formats for young audiences that are mapping the quarantine days of various moderators.

„Samotka“ (Confinement) is the first pop-up podcast of Czech Radio Wave launched as a response to the current situation. It is a space for listener’s messages and feelings during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Tell us how you are and don't be alone”. Listeners can record and send an audio in a minute regarding what they are thinking about during their quarantine, what annoys then, what they are afraid of, i. e. audio sharing of joys, worries, experiences. Famous young personalities (influencers, musicians, actors, scientists) are also involved in the format. Jan Vojtko, a therapist, responds then to the sent audios. The first part was published on March 21.

"Karanténa Zuzany Fuksové" (Quarantine of Zuzana Fuksová) is an audio diary of Zuzana Fuksová, one of Radio Wave moderators from her self-isolation at the cottage in Czech countryside. “Fourth day in the countryside. We thought we had food for at least two weeks, but the girls had eaten goodies like ham and chocolate today. Tuesday evening was marked by binge-watching of charts and coronavirus information. The idea that the development will be similar, if not worse than in Italy, concerned me and despite the recommendations during the epidemic to abstain, we narrowed down a bit the stock of plum brandy as a disinfectant.” More can found here (in Czech language)

“Brambora s vejcem”(Potato with Egg) is an entertaining daily phone calls from moderator Ivana Veselková (known from other successful formats such as Buchty or Mikrovlnky) and Aleš Stuchlý (moderator of Čelisti talkshow) with celebrities and famous Czechs on the current situation.

More can be found here

Every Sunday at 7:00 pm a series of housing concerts called Quarantine Sessions. Recordings and video streams of mini-concerts of bands from their home environment will temporarily replace the Radio Wave Studio Session, which took place in Radio Wave broadcasting studio. Also a next series of Paternoster Session was launched in March. Those offer the original video clips of Czech bands from a historical lift at Czech Radio building at a time when there are no concerts for the public. Videos are available on Facebook and on YouTube.

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