Czech Radio provides both entertainment and education during the emergency situation

7. duben 2020

In connection with the current measures related to the COVID-19 outbreak, Czech Radio has begun to broadcast programmes for listeners of all age groups, providing special consultancy, education and entertainment. Recordings of the broadcast programmes or special podcasts are available on the audio portal, mujRozhlas.

“Apart from up-to-date news service, Czech Radio is trying to put emphasis on such formats that can help listeners of all age groups to cope with all the emergency measures. Therefore, we have included educational and informational programmes as well as new entertainment formats, which can provide amusement to listeners while they have to stay at home,” says Czech Radio’s Director General, René Zavoral.

Czech Radio Dvojka has included a special interactive programme S vámi v karanténě (In Quarantine with You), where listeners can talk about their feelings and ask for help. Halina Pawlovská describes her experiences in her Zápisky z karantény (Quarantine Diary), and Kolotoč has become a programme for messages and thanks to all those who are helping at the moment. Dvojka is also broadcasting a competition for the best home-made surgical mask called We Love Masks (Roušky nás baví) and presented by singer Lucie Bílá. The multiple award-winning singer has promised to choose the most creative mask sewn by a listener and give the winner a mask made by her.

Czech Radio Vltava will offer the best of classic Czech literature to its listeners. They can look forward to Markéta Lazarová by Vladislav Vančura, Prague Tales by Jan Neruda, and Ludvík Vaculík’s A Czech Dreambook. And schoolchildren will certainly appreciate the possibility of unlimited listening to the Reading Journal.

Czech Radio’s regional stations start a special programme series

The programme series of Czech Radio’s regional stations, Společně to zvládneme (Together We Will Manage), consists of three special formats. Mutual contact between listeners from all over the country who do not have access to the Internet and social networks will be provided every day at 9–10 a.m. by Na klidné vlně (On Calm Waves) with presenter Zdeněk Junák. Practical advice and recommendations on how to minimise the risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus will be given by an information service programme called Desatero bezpečného chování pro seniory  (Ten Safety Tips for Senior Citizens), which will be broadcast every hour from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. on a daily basis. Every day from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., Czech Radio’s regional stations will also be broadcasting thank-you songs in Děkujeme do první linie (Thanks to the Front Line). Every last song in every hour will be dedicated to all those who are in the front line of combating the virus and helping the citizens of the Czech Republic.

New formats for young audiences and school broadcast for children

Radio Wave has posted Czech Radio’s first pop-up podcast called Samotka (Solitary Confinement) with therapist Jan Vojtko commenting on one-minute audio recordings in which listeners as well as famous persons sum up their experiences in the time of the pandemic. For young audiences there will be a series of home concerts, Karanténa Session (Quarantine Sessions), which will temporarily replace the Radio Wave Studio Session. On Monday, 23 March, the Paternoster Session series has begun. This time, Czech Radio’s historical lift will be taken by Ben Cristovao, Viah, Tea Sofia, Edův Syn and Amelie Siba. The latest development will be commented on by five pop-up formats, including a programme of funny telephone calls with celebrities, Brambora s vejcem (Potato and Egg), with presenters Ivana Veselková and Aleš Stuchlý, and by Zuzana Fuksová’s audio diary, Karanténa (Quarantine).

Rádio Junior, Czech Radio’s station for the youngest listeners, has included a special hour for primary school children. The new programme, Skoro školní vysílání z pokojíčku Vendy, Fráni (Radio School Is Very Cool), gives lessons in the Czech language, basics of humanities and natural sciences, biology and national history. The audio portal,, has prepared a special website for pre-school- and schoolchildren called Pro děti (For Children), where listeners can find selections of contemporary and archival fairy-tales, adventure stories read in instalments as well as series. A special section is assigned for a reading journal and for those who enjoy learning about the world. That is where schoolchildren can find interesting reports about nature, sports and science, as well as audio guidance regarding frequent mistakes made in the Czech language.

You can listen to selected programmes all month.

Newly selected recordings of book reading are now available to the listeners of Czech Radio Dvojka, Czech Radio Vltava, Rádio Junior and users of for the whole month on the individual stations’ websites and in applications.

Every day from 5:30 p.m., listeners can find a stream of exclusive archival content or selections from the most popular reading journal items on mujRozhlas Facebook profile.

Everything clearly arranged in one place can be found here.

Radio Retro will help to appease low spirits with some archive treasures.

Radio Retro and its Golden Fond will offer its best available records from Czech Radio´s archive from the sixties all the way to the nineties. The broadcasting starts on midnight from Monday March 30th to Tuesday 31st. The audience may look forward to life stories in following shows „And years follow, dear ones“ (A léta běží, vážení), „Big Little Liars“ (Sedmilhářky), „records from Semafor theatre“ (semaforské záznamy) or „imaginary travelling with Meteor“(imaginární cestování s Meteorem).

Czech Radio will add new blogs with cult shows every week. Records with the voices of first republic film starts which performed in the radio in the sixties and later will be accompanied by the words of Aleš Cibulka. The offer of reports and time zones was widened and contributed to by regional stations as well, which such shows as “Apetite” (Apetýt), “Guest to the house” (Host do domu). The contributors believe that the mood is connected with the knowledge and awareness of the fact that enjoy mainly means to keep the mind busy not just to entertain.

Czech Radio Radiožurnál and will launch Financial Advisory Center

Czech Radio Radiožurnál and the news server will start on Monday 6th April special Financial Advisory Center. The project will gradually focus on groups of people ranging from single parents, small business owners, seniors, people who have recently lost their jobs due to the coronavirus crisis, small associations, but also students. It will try to advise them of their options in the current situation.

“The pandemic will have a major impact on the whole economy. It will affect many people financially. That is why we have included this new project, which will explain day by day the possibilities offered by the state, the banking sector, as well as the large endowment funds, "stated Ondřej Suchan, editor-in-chief of Radiožurnál.

Every working day, listeners of Early and Late Morning Radiožurnál will get up-to-date information about one of the groups at risk. They can also listen daily to an interview with an expert on the given subject at 10.50 am. This expert will then be available from 11 am to readers and listeners for an hour on-line chat at The selection of the essential from a special Financial Advisory Center will be be offered to the listeners everyday at Afternoon Radiožurnál.

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